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A significant body of evidence now exists to show the positive impact that corporate volunteering placements have on employees, businesses, and the communities they serve.

Our corporate partners have discovered that giving employees the opportunity to better understand people in their supply chains and customer bases, they can drive business innovation and help tap into underserved markets.

Corporate volunteering - good for all

Syngenta officials meeting at Shalban Farmers Group Syngenta / Abir Abdullah

VSO and Syngenta officials attend a meeting the Shalban Farmers Group, Birampur.

The Lasting Impact of Volunteering Report surveyed corporate volunteers from nine companies who undertook placements between 2014 and 2017. The findings show that:

  • 91% of volunteers were more engaged with their company’s CSR policy
  • 77% were better able to see how the company’s operations affected the poor and marginalised 
  • 78% were better able to see how the sustainability policy and operations could be improved
  • 74% actively made recommendations for positive change in their company

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Companies that participated in the study include: Accenture, Achmea, Berencschot, Citi, IBM, Syngenta, Mondelēz International, Randstad and Shell.

‘It‘s not just philanthropy; it’s leadership development and business development and it helps build economic development in the emerging world.’

Stanley Litow

Vice President of Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs, IBM.

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