Cracked dry ground

Tackling the climate crisis in Kenya

Find out how VSO youth champions are helping people and communities build resilience in the fight against climate change.

Juliet and her child
Columbus Mavhunga

The mental health lifeline for abuse survivors in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, survivors of violence and abuse have little access to mental health services to manage the trauma they’ve experienced. VSO supporters are empowering VSO volunteers to be there for people who have suffered.


The right to education for girls with disabilities

Around the world, girls with disabilities are being denied their right to an education. With a shortage of properly trained staff, inaccessible schools, and lack of appropriate learning resources, girls face barriers at every turn. 

Emergency response teams pull victims to safety

Pakistan floods: From planning to action

Extreme weather due to climate change is increasing around the world. The devastating flooding in Pakistan, that has left one-third of the country underwater, is a stark reminder that the increasing frequency of extreme weather events disproportionately affects the poorest in society.

Woman in field

Investing in small farmers and agroecology is critical to help us out of the current food crisis

Already battered by the climate crisis and COVID-19, Africa is now facing rising food prices in light of the war in Ukraine. Investing in agroecology and smallholder farmers is the only way out of the crisis.

Children playing

Levelling the playing field in early learning - 'Let's Learn Through Play'

Anisa Hay, 32, raised in the USA and now UK based, is volunteering with VSO’s Let's Learn Through Play project in Rwanda, where she applies her experience of international volunteering and her work at a UK school for children with special educational needs.

Youth volunteers
Peter Caton

The value of volunteers

Volunteering is too often badly misunderstood. Too often, it is seen as a “worthy” activity undertaken by people with time on their hands. However, it really is a fundamental part of any country’s development journey and when done properly, it can be a tool for creating a fairer world for everyone.

Brown Niyonsaba

The deaf volunteer struggling for health equality

Around the world, people with disabilities face additional barriers to getting quality healthcare. Brown Niyonsaba is a young deaf woman volunteering to change this in her native Rwanda.

Child and teacher
Paul Wambugu/Obscuramedia

The joy of returning to school

In Migori, Kenya, catch-up classes are helping girls who’ve dropped out of school learn and laugh again.